Vivian Maduekeh

Name: Vivian Maduekeh

Business: Food Health System Advisory Limited (FHS Africa)

City, Country: Lagos, Nigeria

Website URL:

About the Entrepreneur

Vivian is a public health and food systems consultant with a keen interest in food safety, food security, nutrition, preventive medicine and health literacy. She has worked as a health promotion lead, a research associate at the WHO Food Safety and Zoonosis Unit in Geneva, a UK Department for International Development (DFID) health project and with Rivers Vegetable Oil Company (RIVOC) as a quality control/ water safety officer. Vivian recently completed her Masters in International Health and Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford as an ExxonMobil Scholar and is a New Voices Fellow (food security) at the Aspen Institute.

In 2015, Vivian launched Food Health System Advisory Limited (FHS Africa), a food and health advisory social business that offers consulting services that foster community health through the food industry. They advise food businesses, companies, government, farmers, manufacturers, food service operators, retailers, and distributors on food quality management systems, product development, food recalls and crisis management. FHS Africa also identifies qualified and motivated graduates in food sciences, agriculture, nutrition and biological sciences, trains them on food safety, then links them up with food businesses interested in employing skilled quality control professionals. In addition to food safety, FHS Africa supports aspiring food entrepreneurs venturing into the agriculture value chain. We hand-hold them to plan and implement their food business ideas; from raw material to product development, packaging, factory design, quality control, product testing and registration, supply chain and recall processes. As a social enterprise, FHS Africa also manages Nigeria’s first independent Food Incident Reporting Portal to educate the public on food safety and encourage consumer-driven demand for quality in a bid to hold regulatory agencies and food producers accountable. Consumers can now report any food incidents including adulteration, poisoning, expired food products, unhealthy food settings and illegal cloning of food commodities. FHS is also building the grassroots capacity by organising outreaches for the local food markets, schools and street side vendors to adopt feasible proper food handling practices.

“FHS Africa was established to address the issue of food safety in most African countries; starting with Nigeria. Our goal is to reduce food-related health challenges and maximize the economic value of the food industry in Africa, making food safety, food security and nutrition a priority in overcoming health challenges on the continent. We aspire to be the leading food systems consultancy recognised for building a credible food industry and raising a generation of food security and food safety heralds to support the growth of the agricultural sector. With the diversification of the economy and increased investment in agribusiness, we will rely on these champions to nurture a food industry that produces and exports safe food that surpasses international standards.”

Vivian is inspired by the work of two women. “I see myself working in the shoes of the valiant late Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili. During her time as the Director General of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC); she surpassed numerous challenges and drove change in the regulation of pharmaceuticals. I am also inspired by my mentor Mrs Ndidi Nwuneli, a social entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to social innovation and raising other young entrepreneurs to run and grow their businesses.”

Twitter: @vivianmaduekeh

WhatsApp: +2347030470086